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Tuesday, January 29, 2019
Tuesday - 1/29/19
Special Panel Discussion (Grand Ballroom F)
Town Hall Meeting: FCC, FTC, NIST, Oh My
Frank Bradshaw CEO Ho'ike Technologies
Staci Pies Senior Public Policy and Government Relations Counsel Google
Kristina Podnar Digital Governance Consultant NativeTrust Consulting, LLC
Glenn Richards Partner Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman
When it comes to IoT people are developing solutions either to save money, make money or to comply with regulation. However much of the regulatory environment is trying to provide a framework for success in deployments. This general session looks at the issues being debated in government and how it will impact IoT solutions.
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  Special Panel Discussion
Wednesday, January 30, 2019
Wednesday - 1/30/19
Special Panel Discussion (Grand Ballroom A)
Money Matters
James Brehm Founder and Chief Technology Evangelist James Brehm & Associates
Steve Brumer Partner Industry Analyst
Michael Lenoce Managing Director MVP Capital
Allen Proithis (Moderator) CEO Capstone Partners
Gerry Purdy Principal Analyst Mobilocity LLC
Our classic session where we ask the simple question; who makes money, and where does smart money go to invest in IoT? This panel of movers and shakers gives us their perspective on the who and why of IoT success.
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  Special Panel Discussion
Wednesday - 1/30/19
Special Panel Discussion (Grand Ballroom A)
Putting Intelligence at the Edge
Charles Byers Chief Technology Officer and Architecture Chair OpenFog Consortium
Roger Dewey CEO and Co-Founder Able Device
Ted Hayduk Principle Technologist NetApp
Tao Zhang Senior Director for Technology and Industry Development Huawei Technologies (USA)
What are the economics of migrating processing to the edge? What is about the cloud that makes Edge Computing and Edge processing attractive. This discussion is about migrating processes that need real time interfaces for actuation and AI. It also is a discussion about how to optimize the edge of better data center and cloud interfaces. Learn what is happening at the edge of the network.
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  Special Panel Discussion
Thursday, January 31, 2019
Thursday - 1/31/19
Special Panel Discussion (Grand Ballroom A)
Follow the Leaders: Smart Cities, Counties and States
Colin Barceloux CMO Domotz
Lisa Brown Senior National Director, Municipal Infrastructure & Smart Cities Johnson Controls
Marco Della Torre CTO Derive Systems
Sarah Glova (Moderator) Director of Growth & Communications RIoT
Mari Silbey Director of Communications US Ignite
Leonardo Simoes IT Smart Cities Specialist, Technical Counselor Smart City Business Institute Americas
Delia J. Smith Vice President Dispersive Technologies, Inc.
How are IoT leaders developing smart city awareness and driving commitment from critical stakeholders? How do leaders in smart cities, counties, and states achieve success through collaboration and key partnerships? What technology challenges lie ahead, and how are leaders overcoming those challenges and working toward a new generation of smarter infrastructure, sustainability, safety, and citizen services?
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  IoT Theatre
  Special Panel Discussion
Thursday - 1/31/19
Special Panel Discussion (Grand Ballroom A)
What's Next for Industrial 4.0
Joseph Berti VP of Offerings, Watson IoT IBM
Brad Canham Vice President Cassia Networks
Carl Ford (Moderator) CEO, Director of Content Crossfire Media
Jason Hallstrom Director, I-SENSE Florida Atlantic University
Claudio Lima Ph.D IoT Council
Jonathan Nguyen-Duy Vice President, Strategic Programs Fortinet, Inc.
Obviously Industry 4.0 is not going to go through the same hype cycle as cellular generations, but the time has come to look at the accomplishments of IIOT 4.0 and ask the simple question. How do we get to the next phase of optimization and execution? This panel looks at the standards and best practices and then what gaps and opportunities exist for improvement.
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  Special Panel Discussion
Friday, February 01, 2019
Friday - 2/1/19
Special Panel Discussion (Expo Theatre Hall B)
IoT Security General Session - Security Hype, Hysteria & Hope
Frank Bradshaw CEO Ho'ike Technologies
Ken Briodagh (Moderator) Editorial Director IoT Evolution World and IoT Evolution Health
Marcellus Buchheit President and CEO Wibu-Systems USA
Carl Ford (Moderator) CEO, Director of Content Crossfire Media
Steve Hanna Senior Principal Infineon and Trusted Computing Group
Ben Herzberg Director, Threat Research Imperva
Todd Krautkremer CMO Cradlepoint
Dmitry Raidman CEO Cybeats
Security is like an onion it has several layers and sometimes cutting through the layers can make you cry. How do you implement a full strategy that covers everything from the physical security of sensors in the field to back end systems vulnerable to denial of service and other Internet based cyber attacks? This panel gets past the fear to speak about the practical.
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  Special Panel Discussion
Friday - 2/1/19
Special Panel Discussion (Expo Theatre Hall B)
Controlling the Horizontal and the Vertical: Why it's Important for LPWAN to have its Fingers in Every Pie
Brandon Dalida Regional Sales Manager MultiTech
Kenneth Schlather Executive Director Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County
LPWAN is a solution that extends range while lowering cost. The result is a solution that fits almost all network requirements for IoT transmissions. However, the vertical markets vary widely as to their needs and make it so solution selling can limit the discussion. How do LPWAN manufactures and service providers point to the opportunities.
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  Special Panel Discussion
Friday - 2/1/19
Special Panel Discussion (Expo Theatre Hall B)
5G General Session - Keeping Connected: From 5G to Zigbee
Iisko Lappalainen Head - Technical Marketing and Technical Field Operations MontaVista Software LLC
Hannah Merrigan Co-Founder red_
Davitt Potter Field CTO Arrow Electronics
Randy Van Buren Solutions Engineer Nokia
5G is a lot of things its solving the large and small problems of network delivery, but it’s biggest issue for IoT is marrying the technology to what exists and the innovation in all network solutions. This panel looks at how IoT benefits from 5G using solutions that exist today and technologies coming to us in the near future.
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  Special Panel Discussion