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The response we got as a sponsor of IoT Evolution Conference and Expo completely exceeded our expectations. It was a great opportunity to get the message out about our vision for monetizing IoT Analytics which resulted in twice as many new high-quality leads as our goal for the show. There's no comparison to other IoT shows; from the quality of the attendees, to the exceptional conference programming, IoT Evolution is hands down the best in the industry. If we could only choose one, this is it!

- Tristan Barnum, Co-Founder, Tellient

IoT Evolution Named a Top IoT Conference by:

TechTarget: Ranked #3 on Tech Target's List of the 12 BEST IoT Conferences to attend in 2023
Orangesoft: A #2 Event out of a list of 14 best IoT events to attend in 2023
Tech Beacon: Listed as a 2020 "Must Attend" IoT event
Hewlett Packard Enterprise: One of the top 14 IoT conferences to attend in 2020
Skyhook : A top 10 conference to attend in 2020
Business Insider: Listed as one of the "World's Best IoT Conferences and Expos to attend in 2017"
Calysto: IoT Evolution is an "event to have on the calendar"
Link Labs: The 5 Best IoT Conferences You Should Attend in 2016
Losant: 16 of the Best IoT Conferences in 2016
Jeremy Geelan: The 40 Most Important Internet of Things Events of 2015

FEB 13-15, 2024

"A huge thank you to everyone who joined us in Fort Lauderdale. As a Gold Sponsor, we were thrilled to engage with so many passionate individuals and organizations driving the future of IoT. Your energy and enthusiasm truly made this event unforgettable! There was a constant stream of expo traffic at the Simetric booth and a TV giveaway to conclude the festivities. It was a pleasure to see so many of you, and we look forward to staying connected!"

- Simetric

FEB 13-17, 2023

"IoT Evolution covers the critical issues the industry and customers are focused on. It’s a great opportunity to network, create business opportunities and learn about the technologies driving use cases and revenue."

- Rickie Richey, CEO Altaworx

"IoT Evolution was an insightful experience with informative sessions, engaging panel discussions led by industry experts and a tremendous amount of networking opportunities. I plan to attend again. "

- Knud Kegel, VP Product, emnify

""The conference is great. It gets better every year.""

- Michael Skurla, RadixIoT

"Ranked #3 on Tech Target's List of the 12 BEST IoT Conferences to attend in 2023"

- TechTarget

"A #2 Event out of a list of 14 best IoT events to attend in 2023"

- Orangesoft

FEB 11-14, 2020

"I am blown away by the quality of the content in many of the discussions this year at IoT Evolution Expo. Congrats to Ken Briodagh and the team on a great show. #IoTEvolution #innovation"

- Don DeLoach

"Day One was a success #ITEXPO"

- Interactive Powers

"#IoTEvolution day 2 full house!!"

- TagoIO

"Great audience today for the connectivity panel at @IoTEvolution."

- Tom Snyder

January 22-25, 2018

"Observation: I am humbled that the more I learn the more I don't know. @IoTEvolution opened my eyes on #security. If you are sleeping at night, you are naive. We need to do better as an industry. I work with the smartest people in the world. Let's fix this. #iotevolutionexpo"

- Sarah LaLiberte

"Hostway's own Brian @scandariato was just interviewed by @KenBriodagh for @tmcnet at the IoT Expo! Here they are talking about Hostway's leading global compliant and agnostic infrastructure. @IotEvolution #IoTEvolutionExpo #IoT"

- Hostway

"I still say THIS is where the money is at. I feel smart in this session. This guy talks my language. #IIoT #industrialautomation #industry40 #sql @crateio #ThanksAndy @IoTEvolution #iotevolutionexpo"

- Mainspire

"Honored that @spectramesh Powered by @ammbrplatform #WiFi Router chosen as Top Pick from #IoTEvolutionExpo Event last week. #blockchain #meshonomics #IoT #nextcurve"

- Blockchain_CEO

"When the conference program is so good that you are constantly forced to choose... eenie meenie minie moe... #iotevolutionexpo @IoTEvolution #lastday"

- Sarah LaLiberte

"Last day of #iotevolutionexpo. Lots of learning and a great experience, already looking forward to the next one! @IoTEvolution #IIoT #IoT #AI #EdgeComputing #FogComputing #Blockchain #security #data @ClovityInc @abel @Anuj @MoGaurav"

- ClovityInc

"I was struck by the broad variety of focus areas, platforms, technologies, purpose-built products, and standards competing for attention at the conference."

- Chuck Byers, Cisco

February 7-10, 2017

"I've been attending the show long before it was known as IoT Evolution. Over the years, it has grown in size, substance and value, attracting increasingly impressive keynote speakers and panelists. Each year, I learn something new, connect with interesting people and create new business.

- Sandi Harrison, dominionRED, 2017 Attendee

"Big congrats to @IoTEvolution for an event well done! We made lots of new connections w/other industry gurus"

- @altaworx

"Thanks for a great 2017 event over 15,000 of our magazines handed out to everyone at the event #IoTEvolution"

- @ibizmag

"Day 1 of #IoTEvolution in Florida and saw some huge names such as @Cisco @SAP and @Jooycar come together to talk all things IoT"

- @MyMetiora

"It was a packed house today at @IoTEvolution as Ingenu's John Horn presented"

- -@ingenunetworks

"Busy, busy, busy...exhibitor show coming up tomorrow @IoTEvolution"

- @vhdata

"There's a full house here at #IoTEvolution Expo for the @KORE_Wireless keynote!!"


July 11-14, 2016

"What a fun & exhausting week @IoTEvolution. Thank you for everyone for coming to speak with us! #inspiration.!!"

- @DroplitIO

"@opto22matt was busy at our @IoTEvolution booth this week!"

- @opto22

"@IoTEvolution - thank you for your kind support and arranging such a nice event!"

- @volansys

January 25-28, 2016

"An amazingly well run show with the highest quality of leads. Everyone that came to our table, it seemed, were decision makers or influencers. Very high caliber of attendant. The show is managed so well I only had to worry about my booth, not the minor issues of the venue. Alan E. Brown Technologic Systems"

- Alan E. Brown Technologic Systems

"The event is very representative of modern day technology and the new state of the art. It's the people introducing the new things. It reminds me very much of the shows where we introduced the original Apple 2 computer. You'd see the all components they're made from, you'd see applications, you'd see software, you'd see the people selling computers. It was a great fun thing and that's what you see here."

- Steve Wozniak - Apple Co-Founder, Past IoT Evolution Keynoter

"A great event to discuss about the latest trends in IoT across technologies, business models and market segments and a good opportunity to network with peers"

- Harman International

"One of the best events focused on IOT. Characterized by engagement, quality attendance and richness in topics. IoT market is moving very fast and attending this event helps to stay informed and educated in this topic."

- IoT Evolution 2016 Attendee

"We've had a great time being here at IoT Evolution expo, met some great people, seen some of the competition and had the opportunity to speak at some of the panels. Our CEO even got out there and did a company and product demonstration in front of the crowd here. Like I said, great networking opportunities, some great leads and we're looking forward to the next IoT evolution event."

- Litmus Automation

"The show has been pretty incredible. We've met with a lot of different companies from law enforcement agencies locally to international companies from as far away as Brazil. We have had a great showing so far. The reception is great, the event is great and we will see you at the next IoT evolution Expo."

- Stampede

"The show has been amazing. We have had a lot of traffic through our booth .I can't even tell you how many times I had to turned on and off a light or showed people the dashboard or even log in to our IOS app. It's been great, it truly has."

- MyDevice

"Amazing to see so much #IoT progress at @IoTEvolution Expo in just a few years! Surrounded by game changers."

- @CayenneIoT

"Highly impressed with this morning's panels and presentations. Excited for the indepth afternoon tracks. #IoTEvolution."

- @jfox015

"Thanks again for everything last week, you guys put on a great event and we were proud to be part of it. The quality of attendees and exhibitors has increased immensely from previous shows we've attended; Kudos to the entire team for all their hard work! We look forward to seeing you guys in Las Vegas."

- Megan Nivens - Synapse Wireless

August 17-20, 2015

"A great way to connect with partners, develop new business connections and keep in touch with the latest developments in M2M technologies. The panel sessions are especially informative and provide an opportunity to learn from and ask questions of industry leaders. Well worth the time if you are thinking of getting into or are already in the M2M market."

- Tom Collopy, President Securus GPS

"I strongly encourage any individual or organization that touches, or is considering touching the IoT market place to register and attend the next IoT conference. This was the most well prepared and executed conference of its type I've ever attend attended in my 35 years in the technology (semiconductor and embedded systems) industry. It was time and money very well spent, I'm already implementing ideas and concepts I learned at the conference."

- Ken Kidd, President and Managing Partner, Omega Electronic Sales, Inc.

"I think it [IoT Evolution] has come a long way. I have been involved IoT Evolution and its predecessor for more than four or five years. I presented at the very first conference that took place years ago and I am impressed by how much it has grown. Back in the early days there were probably 10 or 12, 15 people in the room [conference] and now you see hundreds."

- Syed Zaeem Hosain, CTO, Aeris Communications, Inc.

"The show was very good for us we exhibited here and saw a lot of innovation a lot of small companies. We learned a lot of what the young companies are doing. Hopefully some we are going to partner with in the future. Another interesting point is a lot of our customers showed up to this show which we didn't expect...we have had good meetings with our customers, so all in all I think IoT evolution did a great job."

- Mobeen Khan, Executive Director, Product Marketing Management at AT&T

"one was my first IoT Evolution event and I traveled almost 6,000 miles to get there. It was totally worthwhile and I'm sure I'll be there next year."

- Juan C. Plaza, Wild and Wise SpA

January 27-30, 2015

"A great way to connect with partners, develop new business connections and keep in touch with the latest developments in M2M technologies. The panel sessions are especially informative and provide an opportunity to learn from and ask questions of industry leaders. Well worth the time if you are thinking of getting into or are already in the M2M market."

- Tom Collopy, President Securus GPS

"There is a lot of hype and confusion right now about IoT and M2M. Everyone seems to be talking about big numbers like 50 billion IoT devices by 2020 and big data analytics. This M2M event will help you separate the hype from the truth and will keep you updated with the latest developments in this emerging technological revolution, especially if you are interested in getting a piece of the massive IoT pie."

- Alan Suyko, Glyn High-Tech Distribution

"I still think it's the best event focused on IOT. I see increased engagement, attendance, richness in presentations and topics, and some shift to use-case discussions from just technology layer discussions. These are all indicators of progress in the market and moving off of the hype peak to much more real business value."

- Larry J Wall, CEO, Eurotech

"We have had a really successful first day... and getting to meet the most amazing talented innovators coming from Europe Taipei its been really exciting."

- Tenaya Hurst, Education Accounts Manager, dog hunter LLC.

"The networking opportunity was excellent for companies trying to break into the M2M space."

- Mike Vartanian, Cambridge Silicon Radio