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IoT Evolution Fort Lauderdale, FL 2017

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"Great turn out at the @IoTEvolution Expo! Thank you to everyone who stopped by"

- @Nimbelink

"You blew the roof off last week @IoTEvolution"

- @evankirstel

"Sound points well made"

- @dwoodhead

"@IoTEvolution was huge"

- @IoTEvolution

"Big congrats to @IoTEvolution for an event well done! We made lots of new connections w/other industry gurus"

- @altaworx

"Had a GREAT time at #iotevolution this week! Truly top notch event not to be missed"

- @RyanMartinIOT

"Thank you @IoTEvolution for yet another successful event!"

- @KORE_Wireless

"Thanks for a great 2017 event over 15,000 of our magazines handed out to everyone at the event #IoTEvolution"

- @ibizmag

"Great #IoT show just wrapped up! Thanks to the folks at #iotevolution for another great exhibition! We’ll be back next year!"

- @numerex

"Great to see so many creative innovators at @IoTEvolution!"

- @Aware_360

"Exciting to see the future innovations appear before your eyes at IoT Evolution Expo"

- @staceybeth22

"Checking out latest connected tech and ideas for the future #iotevolution. Good info from @Verizon @Cisco @KOREWireless"

- @stevenshapiro

"This is what I call a @richardsoley presentation J Full room!"

- @cschaale

"There’s a full house here at #IoTEvolution Expo for the @KORE_Wireless keynote!"

- @MyMetiora

"Busy, busy, busy…exhibitor show coming up tomorrow @IoTEvolution"

- @vhdata

"It was a packed house today at @IoTEvolution as Ingenu’s John Horn presented"

- @ingenunetworks

"Day 1 of #IoTEvolution in Florida and saw some huge names such as @Cisco @SAP and @Jooycar come together to talk all things IoT"

- @MyMetiora

"Great advice from the @IoTEvolution conference"

- @DLInnocenti

"Great slide by the @aylanetworks team. I have been really impressed with the sessions so far @IoTEvolution"

- @drueplacette

"Can't wait to see the big showdown! @IoTEvolution #BattleofthePlatforms"

- @jedeuley

"Look forward to connecting at @IoTEvolution with entrepreneurs, executives & investors in the #IoT space"

- @anupamr

"Great keynote preso by Alex Brisbourne of @KORETelematics #IoTEvolution!"

- @dominion_red

"Great talk from Mike Finnerty from @weathercompany abou the power of weather in the IoT ecosystem. Really Interesting! #IoTEvolution"

- @ehossellman

"Great talk from Mike Finnerty from @weathercompany abou the power of weather in the IoT ecosystem. Really Interesting! #IoTEvolution"

- @ehossellman

"Great keynote from AT&T's Chris Penrose at #IoTEvolution Vegas"

- @scotthuscher

"Smart Home panel providing interesting perspectives #IoTEvolution"

- @BusinessofDave

"Smart Home panel providing interesting perspectives #IoTEvolution"

- @IoTResolution

"Good perspectives on Smart Home from panel of experts at #IoTEvolution. Nice closing session for the day."

- @jtgoering

"@IoTEvolution you guys put together a great event at OMNI. It was fantastic seeing you, let's do it again soon!"

- @jedeuley

"Awesome day at #IoTEvolution! @WindRiver is here to close out the first day!"

- @WindRiver


"Announcing an end-to-end Smart Monitoring IoT Solution Kit for $99 #IoTEvolution"

- @SaritasaLLC

"At #IoTEvolution @KORETelematics announces new tablet-based solutions for #IoT"

- @KenBriodagh

"BIG NEWS at IoT Evolution Expo - AT&T are launching Cat-M1 Trials in San Francisco in Q4 2016"

- @IoTMatt

"H2O Overgroup announces new customers at IoT Evolution Expo"

- @mounirzok

"#VMware's Shekar Ayyar speaks to a packed room at #IoT Evolution Conference today"

- @vmwarenews

"Great panel today #IoTEvolution @SchneiderNA & GE, Amazon, US Cellular, @ArgusInsights. Cool insights"

- @YKulp

"Amazing to see so much #IoT progress at @IoTEvolution Expo in just a few years! Surrounded by game changers"

- @CayenneIoT

"Great week for @Mesh_Systems @IoTEvolution. Lots of great discussion and well worth the trip. The IoT family is growing and maturing."

- @tjbutler5

"IoTEvolution was a success. GR8 2 C many friends, colleagues, new prospects, great industry discussions #IoT"

- @sgbarnes

"Highly impressed with this mornings panels and presentations. Excited for the indepth afternoon tracks. #IoTEvolution"

- @jfox015

"Going to IoT Evolution East. Can't wait. Met great industry players at the last #IoTEvolution and got great IoT insight."


"Another great year at @IoTEvolution! Thank you to everyone who we met and we hope to connect with you in the future!"

- @LAutomation

"Great to see the #InternetOfThings being put to great use #IoT #IoTEvolution"

- @SalmonLtd

"Getting all fired up for a thrilling prez on Fog Architecture! @IoTEvolution"

- @exosite

"We can't wait for #IoTEvolution and are SO excited to meet great minds and learn great things!"

- @LAutomation

"@IoTEvolution Great time, Great Show!"

- @intertechworldechGreat time, Great Show!

"From one great show, #CES, to the next @IoTEvolution #IoTEvolution"

- @IoTObserver

"So many great #iot platforms at #IoTEvolution!"

- @picostar

"It was a BIG day and we can't wait for round 2 tomorrow! | #IoTEvolution"

- @LAutomation

"#IoTEvolution The everything digital world. Oh you have to love it. What a time to be alive."

- @epignostic

"At @IoTEvolution, we officially launched #Cayenne, our #IoT drag and drop project builder!"

- @CayenneIoT

"Listening to the experts at #IoTEvolution"

- @isabelchapman

"We at Verizon think [IoT] will be the next big thing." Mary Beth hall #iotevolutionexpo #iotevolution #iot"

- @jfox015

"Day 2 IOT Evolution Conf @IOTEvolution Ft Lauderdale FL Going from Real Cool to Real World session very informative #IOTEvolution"

- @rjinxs

"Best team ever!!! #IoTEvolution"

- @SynapseWireless

"Final keynote of the day. Great sessions overall today. #IoTEvolution"

- @jfox015

"Great first day @iotevolution"

- @rremente

"Seats are filling up fast! IoTEvolution"

- @SynapseWireless

"Great competition #iotevolution."

- @ESPprosearch

"#IoTEvolution Great presentations yesterday afternoon."

- @hungjar

"Great presentations at #IoTEvolution on exactly what it means to connect devices on the #InternetofThings."

- @sensusglobal

"There is so much action happening at #IoTEvolution!"

- @LAutomation

"Leaving #itexpo #IoTEvolution Great meetings + show."

- @williamwilhelm

"@IoTEvolution Expo is drone-heaven!"

- @SaritasaLLC

"So Many Cool Projects! #CantChoose1 #IoTEvolution"

- @jrwynggard

"Meeting rooms and exhibits packed @IoTEvolution Ft. Lauderdale"

- @mobihealthtimes

"Back from #IoTEvolution - Thanks for another great event!"

- @ABI_RyanMartin

"My hat's off to #IoTEvolution Expo for putting on a great show in Ft. Lauderdale. Heard great speakers & met nice, innovative people #IoT"

- @BlakeNextGen

"Great show for us. Both tracks were excellent! #IoTEvolution"

- @ESPprosearch

"A great day for FlyMotion Unmanned Systems. #FlyMotion #Tech #IoTEvolution"

- @mauricecooley