IoT Evolution Expo 2021: It's Time to Grow

June 22-25, 2021
Miami, Florida
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IoT Evolution Expo 2021 will be all about Growth through Digital Transformation, new business models, and ROI. Why are you going to deploy a given solution? What is the best way to meet your business goals? How are you going to start seeing results? In our content offerings, we will be answering those questions, and many others: you'll only deploy when it will have measurable results; Meet your goals through more efficient operations and more insight into new profit opportunities that lead to business and market growth; by taking full advantage of digital transformation strategies that only the IoT can offer.

It's time to dig into those answers so that you, the businesses and builders of the IoT, can grow your profits and the IoT industry. Let's stop dealing with the Art of the Possible and delve into the Actionable. Let's take real use cases and mine them for real strategic insights. Let's make sure we are moving toward real growth, and what's more – making some money with IoT.

To that end, we are coloring all our sessions, workshops, breakouts and keynotes with the lens of ROI: Not just Return on Investment, but also Results-Oriented IoT. It’s time to break out of the test phase and pilot programs and see what we can really do, at scale, and how we can really Grow this industry and your business in the IoT.

Join us at IoT Evolution Expo 2021: It's Time to Grow!

The Industrial IoT Conference

The Industrial IoT Conference @ IoT Evolution Expo explores the nearly limitless potential of intelligent machines, prescriptive analytics, sensor driven analytics, and block chain solutions. Attendees learn about the industrial IoT technologies that are driving the transformation in manufacturing, supply chain and operations.

Topics/Sessions to Include:

  • Smart Manufacturing: Beyond Downtime
  • IIoT Security: AI and Machine Learning beyond identification
  • Industrial Smart City: Infrastructure
  • How Machine Learning Makes IIoT Smart
  • The Smart Building for Facilities Managers
  • Digital Twin: Uses, Advantages, Implications

The Smart City Event

Focused on how smart city innovations are changing the face of the today's modern city, improving quality of life for citizens and driving enterprise opportunity. Special consideration will be given to submissions that involve case studies and real-life smart city implementations.

Topics/Sessions to Include:

  • Smart City Systems
  • Public/Private Partnerships for SS Success
  • How Smart Cities Will Leverage the Edge
  • What the Smart City can Learn from Smart Building
  • 5G and smart city rollouts
  • Managing Regulatory compliance
  • Smart Transportation, telematics and infrastructure
  • Ubiquitous networks - enabling smart city applications
  • Smart City Connectivity
  • Smart Energy
  • HVAC monitoring and management
  • Agriculture and Farming applications
  • Smart Building and facility management
  • Autonomous Autos and new transportation models

Intelligent Edge

As the rise of edge computing proliferates in today’s enterprise, the edge of the network is quickly becoming the critical home of intelligence as well as data collection. This evolving Edge is made up of the sensors, gateways, endpoints, network connections, and ever more importantly, Intelligence that helps IoT-enable organizations become ever more efficient, sustainable and profitable.

Topics/Sessions to Include:

  • How Smart is the Edge?
  • Intelligent Edge of the Smart City
  • Security at the Edge
  • Connected Transportation: The Truly Mobile Edge
  • Intelligent Systems Design from Edge to Edge

Open Source IoT

Enabling device connectivity based on open industry standards allow enterprises to build IoT networks that are scalable, secure and transparent.

Topics/Sessions to Include:

  • Open Source Platforms for IoT
  • Coding Open Source Operating Systems
  • Connectivity: Open Source Networks
  • Security for Open Source IoT

Other IoT Topics

  • IoT Gateways
  • AI, Machine Learning and making IoT Aware
  • IoT Deployments with platforms and API’s
  • Managing IoT between IT and OT
  • Blockchain
  • Software Defined IoT

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