About the 'Best of Show' Award

Editors from TMC and Crossfire Media will judge exhibitors based on creativity and technological innovation. To qualify, your product or service must be on display in the Exhibit Hall and be available for viewing by all attendees during posted Exhibit Hall hours.

For more information contact Moe Nagle, Editorial Director, IoT Evolution at [email protected]

Judges include:

Carl Ford
Carl Ford
CEO, Crossfire Media, executive director of content, IoT Evolution

Moe Nagle
Moe Nagle
Editorial Director, IoT Evolution

Categories and Criteria:

Best Smart Home Product
Judging criteria: Product or underlying technology that helped move Smart Home from a gadgety/novelty industry to a mainstream quality of life enhancement for consumers. (Must be exhibitor or sponsor)

Best Smart City Solution
Judging criteria: Solution or underlying technology that is designed to helps advance the Smart City industry or drive a partner city toward more full implementation. (Must be exhibitor or sponsor.)

Best Smart Transportation Innovation
Judging criteria: Forward-looking research, development or engineering that improved operation, security, user experience or safety for connected, automated and smart vehicles, or within the Supply Chain. Can be Consumer- or Industrial-facing. (Must be exhibitor or sponsor.)

Best Intelligent Edge Solution
Judging criteria: Forward-looking solution or project operating at the Edge of the Network and leveraging Intelligence to enhance IoT operations. (Must be exhibitor or sponsor.)

Best LPWAN or Wireless Innovation
Judging criteria: Forward-looking research, development or engineering that improved the operation, security, or customer experience through the use of LPWAN or other wireless connectivity technology within the IoT. (Must be exhibitor or sponsor.)

Best Industrial IoT (IIoT) or M2M Implementation
Judging criteria: This is a case study that shows how machine-to-machine communications or underlying technology improved business operations, cost-efficiencies and moved the IIoT forward as an industry. (Must be exhibitor or sponsor)

Best IoT-Specific Code or Development Solution
Judging criteria: Award for most innovative, simple, elegant coding solution, built with existing code languages or custom code solution, that improves operations, incorporates security and privacy safeguards, and directly improves business operations. (Must be exhibitor or sponsor)

Best IoT Use Case/Full Stack Implementation of the Year
Judging Criteria: The one IoT Evolution Sponsor or Exhibitor that best exemplified the IoT industry and moved the industry as a whole forward in terms of technology, media attention, scope and societal improvement.