Market Segment

Enterprise and IoT Adopters

If you are looking to implement solutions, scale your business or are wondering where IoT will have the most significant impact, you need to attend IoT Evolution.

The IoT Ecosystem and Developers

IoT Evolution is one of the largest IoT communities in the industry. Get insight on how to develop and refine your IoT strategies to transform and improve your customer's business performance. Identify partners and prospects, understand the investment climate and what verticals are seeing the most traction. Make face-to-face connections with IoT influencers and potential customers to leverage this $11T market

Service Providers, Network Providers and Cloud Providers

Network and service providers will see huge increases in traffic and business opportunity as a result of continued exponential growth in connected devices. IoT Evolution covers critical infrastructure and connectivity topics highlighting how network and service providers can enable IoT services while still remaining true to their voice and broadband customers. Market opportunities and business models are also discussed.

Analysts, Venture Capital Firms and Press

Find out who is making money in IoT and where the smart money is going. Meet the movers and shakers, newcomers and those companies poised to disrupt traditional business models.