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IoT Evolution Expo - January 29 - February 1, 2019

Blockchain Certification

Get educated on the advantages, use cases, security issues and more

January 25, 2016
10:00AM - 3:00PM

IoT Evolution’s Blockchain Certification delves into the new technology that is laying the foundation for the digitization of businesses, humans, our economy and quite possibly our entire lives.

As an IoT Evolution attendee, you will get access to this 1/2 day program that delves into both introductory topics as well as how blockchain establishes identity, encryption and security. If you are looking for an understanding of how this technology can impact your particular business - this program is for you.

Register for your Super Pass here and get access to the Blockchain Certification. Topics Include:

  • Advantages of blockchain and why it is positioned to revolutionize business and our economy
  • Blockchain and crypto currency
  • Blockchain and peer-to-peer attributes
  • Mining blockchains
  • Blockchain identity & Security
  • Blockchain Use Cases


10:00am - IoT Primer
Richard Brennan,  Telxxis - Read More

10:45am - The DNA of IoT
Richard Brennan,  Telxxis - Read More

11:45am - IoT Glue: What Keeps Things Connected?
Richard Brennan,  Telxxis - Read More

1:30 - 4:00pm - Telit's deviceWISE Certification Workshop - LIMITED to 25 ATTENDEES
Topics: Fundamentals of IoT, Starting a Solution, Connectivity Standards and Protocols, deviceWISE Management Portal, and more.

Suggested Skillset: Basic functional computer skills, basic understanding of IoT, and a simple understanding of APIs. Understanding of AT commands a plus. Attendees selected on a first come first serve basis

*Must register here for a certification or super pass first*

1:30-2:15pm - Machine Learning Intro: New Rules
Giuseppe Mascarella, Value Amplify Consulting - Read More

2:15-3:00pm - Machine Learning Impact on IoT
Giuseppe Mascarella, Value Amplify Consulting - Read More

3:15-4:00pm - Machine Learning IoT ROI
Giuseppe Mascarella, Value Amplify Consulting - Read More