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Driving Business Transformation Through the Internet of Things

With seven tracks of content plus pre-conference workshops in Open Fog, IoT Certification, and IoT Security, along with the collocated Industrial IoT Conference and the Connected Home conference, IoT Evolution returns to Vegas with a strengthened focus on the enterprise and how IoT solutions will impact how companies operate and drive revenue.

IoT Evolution highlights the robust nature of IoT by focusing on sets of solutions and technologies that address the opportunities as well as the vast array of business challenges that every company faces.

Tracks Include:

IoT Business Intelligence and Analytics:

Understand how to unlock the value of the massive amount of data driven by the IoT. Hear how machine learning and the manipulation of massive amounts of data are being used to gain insights previously out of reach. Explore predictive analytics, process driven decision making, distribute networks and more.
Topics Include:

  • From Automation to Autonomous Systems
  • Business Analytics, predictive and prescriptive Analytics
  • Managing Massive Data the Great Challenge
  • Fog Computing and Edge Processing
  • Real Time Big Data: Managing the IoT Streams
  • Integrating the IoT into Enterprise IT architecture

Smart Cities

From new transportation models to enabling a smarter workforce, this track explores the emergence of city-specific IoT networks and the growing impact on peoples professional and personal lives.

Topics Include:

  • Smart City Planning
  • New Insurance Business Models
  • Enabling a Smart Workforce
  • Transportation and Fleet Services
  • Enhanced Supply Chain Management
  • Autonomous Autos and new transportation models

IoT Operations

This track will identify and discuss the enterprise opportunity and where IoT will have the most impact. There will also be significant discussion on how to ensure efficient execution of IoT implementations. Dive into topics that highlight how the IoT will impact key enterprise functions including operations, field services, factory floor, fleet and more. If you are looking to implement solutions or you are a provider of IoT solutions, you must attend these track sessions.

Topics Include:

  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Asset Management
  • Oil and Gas, Pipelines and Drills Get IoT
  • IoT Gateway solutions
  • IoT Agriculture
  • Tanks Cisterns and Liquid Management

Business Issues and Innovation

This track delves into discussions focused on IoT technology and the resulting strategic business decisions.

Topics Include:

  • IoT and new product/service development
  • Identity management
  • IoT Consumer Creep, when does It hit Enterprises
  • MVNOs and The Enterprise the Global View
  • Building IoT platforms for third party use
  • Low power wide area networks; LoRa, RPMA, Sigfox

Connected Home Conference

The Connected Home Conference @ IoT Evolution will focus on connected home use cases and emerging business models in the smart home, connected building, and mobile ecosystems.

  • Smart Energy, Thermostats and other Utilities
  • Voice Controlled in-home networks
  • The Smart Home Smart Phone strategy: Building apps and solutions
  • Home Security Cameras, Locks and Alarms
  • Smart Product Ecosystems and Platforms
  • Privacy and Device Security: How to Avoid Hacks.

IoT Developers

The IoT Developers is the place where theory, practice and programming come together to hone the skills of developers integrating IoT into the Enterprise solutions. Sharing code is a common experience with the Internet. The Internet of Things is no different in terms of the need to learn from the best.

  • Rapid Prototyping with Open Devices
  • Using Open Source for IoT
  • Java Embedded
  • Getting IoT Data to Smart Phones and Tablets
  • Mobile Devices: Transmitting with and without Interruption
  • Web Services and IoT Integration
  • Open Hardware and Open Source Development: Gigabones, Raspberry Pi
  • Augmented and virtual reality

Smart Machines & Machine Learning

The Edge of the network keeps getting smarter as the network itself enables simpler transport methods. How does moving processing to the edge change the way IoT works. How do Smart Machines make IoT easier to deploy. Real Time processing is

  • Artificial Intelligence the Senses of IoT
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning and the Cloud
  • Cognitive APIs - The Building Blocks for Smarter Apps
  • Training Intelligent Machines
  • Robotics

Industrial IoT Conference @ IoT Evolution Expo

The Industrial IoT Conference, in conjunction with strategic marketing partner, The Industrial Internet Consortium, will focus on the IoT technologies and solutions specifically related to manufacturing and industrial applications.

The Industrial IoT Conference will cover the critical issues faced by companies looking to integrate IoT solutions into their manufacturing processes.

  • Harnessing sensor data for manufacturing insight
  • Interoperability - devices, standards and architectures
  • IIoT's impact on manufacturing workforce and required skillsets - Got Skills Gap?
  • IT's role in the IIoT - selecting an IoT platform
  • Role of new distributed computing architectures to support IIoT
  • Security and privacy concerns
  • Industrial Controls of legacy systems.
  • Gateway functions on factory Floor
  • Business Model transformation" Just in Time IOT Solutions.

IoT Security Summit

The IoT Security Summit looks at how the legacy of PLCs, Telematics and other systems in the Enterprise are being exposed by connectivity and the IoT and how to manage Cybersecurity in the future.

  • Identity Management: What’s in A Name?
  • Trusted End Points
  • Penetration Testing on Dumb Devices
  • Blockchain and IoT
  • Encryption at the Edge, Network and Everywhere?
  • Device Security: How to Avoid Hacks.

IoT Evolution Expo Hall

The IoT Evolution Expo Hall includes a showcase of the leading IoT and M2M solutions providers plus numerous networking and informational events to keep you meeting and talking to the industry’s leading minds and IoT strategists. Special Expo Floor events include;

  • Case Study Presentations – Talk to vendors, carriers and solutions providers; learn from them, hear what works and what doesn’t, create an action plan
  • Business Impact Award Winners – Hear from companies, large and small, who have successfully, implemented an IoT solution to solve a business issue or drive revenue. Hear what transforms a sensor into a service
  • Special IoT Evolution Theatre Content – get access to special programming on IoT in a small interactive setting