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IoT Security Certification

IoT Security Certification

Monday, July 17, 2017
1:00 pm- 4:00 pm

The greatest hurdle facing the IoT right now is Security. And what's even more challenging: it's a moving target. Recognizing that, we bring this IoT Security Certification program to our pre-conference agenda with the goal of arming attendees with the most up-to-date tools for protecting their networks and their customers'.

Register for this workshop and hear about topics that include: the Edge, IIoT, Breach response/Countermeasures, Risk Assesment and more.

Sessions Include:

Security Overview
James Carder, LogRhythm
Vince Ricco, Axis Communications
Lots of elements go into a discussion of security, including some personal concerns about privacy. When we talk about IoT devices that are distributed and designed to report critical information, redundancy is also a major concern.
Hear about what represents the framework for IoT to be secure?

Industrial Internet Security Concerns
Vicki Barbur, The MITRE Corporation

Identity theft happens despite attempts to protect personal information, and it can be a devastating event for the individual. Cyber-attacks occur similarly in an enterprise or its Industrial Control System (ICS) architecture, also delivering devastating impacts for the success of the business.

Register to participate in this session to address the current state and outline what technical solutions can be identified (either available now or under development ) to close the gaps regarding cyber security.

IoT Security: Core Principles and Trends
Phil Attfield, Sequitur Labs

IoT device makers face a number of choices when it comes to securing their products. Often security decisions are limited to the needs and limitations of each product. That could, over time lead to a fragmented set of technologies that need to be managed leading to higher costs. Secondly, security failures can occur at multiple points in a devices lifecycle.

Hear how this impacts device security. Understand the core principles that all device OEMs must take into considerations to implement an IoT security Strategy. And find out if there is a framework that can be applied to make the right decision.

The Risks and Rewards of Security
Srinath Sitaraman, UL

The insurance industry provides a hedge for the Enterprise looking for protection. A key ingredient to the pricing of the policy is the ability to show reduction in risk. The discussion is about what makes security policies beneficial t