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IoT Evolution Developers Workshop

IoT Evolution Developers Workshop

Monday, July 17, 2017
1:00 pm- 4:00 pm

Developers, engineers and technologists will learn about new methods for solving IoT challenges while securing the tools and knowledge necessary to keep innovating into 2018 and beyond.

Sessions Include:

Hands-On IoT Devices and Network Connectivity
Christian Legare, EVP/CTO, Micrium

Choosing media, and protocols to connect IoT solutions to service providers and applications requires an understanding of the strengths and weakness of protocols such as CoAP, MQTT, XMPP, Websockets, etc. This hands-on workshop looks at networking embedded sensor systems and determining the protocols and cloud frameworks that work for your implementation.

Processing your IoT Solutons
Michael Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc.

Enabling connectivity and control in devices is at the heart of the IoT. Learn how to develop solutions that have the processing horsepower to provide features or collect data with a minimum of power consumption. Participate in discussions focused on the nature of the processor options available at the edge devices/border gateways, their connectivity, and their lifecycle. This session will help you understand the technical trade space for making your Internet of Things designs a reality.

Mobile Devices: Transmitting with and without Interruption
Matt Rose, GetWireless

Hear about new radio strategies that meet IoT's unique requirements. Understand how to minimize the communication while assuring that messages are communicated. This session looks at the pluses and minuses of new radio strategies and how to know that connectivity is assured.

Continuous Integration Testing for IoT Endpoint Integrity
Arthur Hicken, Parasoft

The days of closed systems are gone. Join us in this workshop and hear about simulations, implementations and managing issues such as version control. Learn how continuous integration testing can make or break, your IoT development and deployment efforts.