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IoT API Hotlist Workshop

IoT API Hotlist Workshop

Monday, July 17, 2017
1:00 pm- 4:00 pm

The API is the language of interoperability and the mechanism by which many IoT solutions accomplish their goals. Join us for the IoT API Hotlist Workshop and learn about some of the practically infinite ways to use APIs as tools for IoT implementation.

Sessions Include:

Layer 3.0 Interoperabilty
Marc Josephson, Coris

The Internet has made any to any communication simple and ubiquitous. The result is that everything on the Internet gets to talk. What does that mean for applications looking to interoperate? Hear about the guidelines from layer 3 that must be adhered at the application layer. Find out if the use of radio networks add concerns, or if TCP and UDP mask those issues? What makes a good API on top of Layer 3?

Is Uber IoT?
Sanjay Sharma, Roambee
Our analyst friends have a strict view of IoT that it represents connectivity to sensors and machinery, but the view as to overall connectivity is less strict. Things like cars that include driver assisted and autonomous vehicles blur the line, however. This discussion looks at APIs from the perspective of enabling better human interaction, better services and increased revenue opportunities.

Extracting Information from Sensors
Sometimes the sensors and modules come with their own APIs; sometimes the APIs are associated with the platform and network.

Join us for this workshop and learn how APIs are used and whether the goal is managing features and functions or aggregating information.

Turning IoT Data Into Revenue
Shawn Conahan, Tellient

The data generated from connected devices is hugely valuable, but how do carriers, devices makers, sensor networks and app developers make money with their data?

Join us for this workshop and hear how new business models enable IoT deployments that would otherwise not be possible. Learn about the technology and business components driving the adoption of the IoT and how this relates to IoT data.