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AUGUST 17 – 20, 2015 • Caesars Palace | Las Vegas, Nevada

Introducing the IoT Certification Series

August 17, 2015

The IoT Certification Series is designed to provide a high-level overview of the technologies contending in the IoT+M2M space, and their applicability to consumer and business/industrial markets. 

Technologies discussed will span IoT devices and sensors, IoT sensor networks and gateways, and both small and large-scale M2M networking capabilities.

A review of industry roles will cover industrial implementations, technical and application consortiums, services provider models, and Consumer DIY trends.

This tutorial will expose key aspects, differences, and advantages of leading IoT+M2M capabilities, and participants will enhance their ability to provide strategic input to urgent business and technical decisions.


12:05 PM – Session A: IoT+M2M Introduction; Overview Terminology, and Concepts

The first of three sessions will focus on the Promise, the Opportunity... and the Challenges in deploying a fully realized IoT.  Is the market potential Billions? ...Trillions? ...and how to we get there from today’s initial deployments.  Key industry terms will be defined and their usage described, including the distinction between, and co-dependence of IoT and M2M

1:00 PM – Session B: IoT at the Edge; Sensors & Technologies

The 2nd session will begin with a discussion on ‘Things’ e.g.  Sensors, Wearables, Constrained Devices, and MEMS, and the role each plays in building and implementing a fully interconnected IoT.

The need to tie together this myriad of edge technologies leads to an overview of the current landscape in Sensor Networking Topologies.  This includes wireless topologies such as 3G/4G, 5G and Mesh, as well as the extensive list of networking capabilities coming from:  Allseen, Apple, Google, OIC, ZigB... and others.

2:00 PM – Session C: Putting it together; M2M architectures and services

The IoT cannot become pervasive on a single device family, or on a single edge network type.  This closing session will bring it all together, and explain how IP-based M2M communications capabilities such as CoAP, HTTP, and MQTT allow sets of systems to be aggregated, to interwork, and to federate.  These are the tools needed to scale massively, and to build interconnected applications and services; extending from multi-room... to multi-national, and fulfilling the promise of the IoT; “Everything Connected”.


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IoT Certification Series Director

Richard Brennan
Richard Brennan

Richard Brennan is Chair of MARCOM (the Marketing & Communications Committee) at oneM2M, the Global Partnership of standards and industry organizations creating service-layer optimizations to ensure the functionality and interoperability of M2M solutions.In the formation of oneM2M, Richard was a member of the CCSA (China Communications Standards Association) delegation to the Founder’s group, and is now a member of oneM2M through the TIA (Telecommunications Industry Alliance).Richard has over 40 years of telecommunications experience, and has spent 15 years promoting interoperability and global standards. Richard is based in Northern California, but has represented technology providers at multiple international standards development organizations, including the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF), and has also consulted for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).Richard was previously with AT&T for many years, involved in network design and applications development, and was the recipient of the AT&T Presidents Award for highest achievement. He founded Telxxis LLC in 2001 to provide independent consulting services in Telecom Technologies and Strategic Business Management. With Partner resources in Europe and the US, Telxxis is developing Social Media-based applications which let users enhance organizational effectiveness.


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