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AUGUST 17 – 20, 2015 • Caesars Palace | Las Vegas, Nevada

Drone Zone 360

Drone Zone

The sky is the limit when it comes to increasing profits and driving new sources
of revenue.

At the Drone Zone 360, you are part of the action. Witness companies that are making drones and companies making use of drones. Hear from presenters and experience live demonstrations.

Is a Drone solution right for you? Find out at the Drone Zone 360.

Fact: The drone market is yielding opportunities with an estimated $82 Billion dollar market in the US alone.

Fact: There are more than 25 companies looking to make drones part of your life.

Fact: Five Industries With Massive Growth Potential for Drones

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Film and Television

In business we are driving to deliver Faster! Cheaper! Better!

Amazon and others see that the use of drones for delivery has been one place where these market drivers are converging. Direct Warehouse to Consumer shipping and reduction in manual labor converge to change the mindset of delivery.

Drones with cameras are the economics behind new services in video surveillance and remote monitoring as well as anti-poaching, live stock control, photography and dangerous monitoring situations such as fire fighting, high voltage and search and rescue.

In addition, the use of drones can also change the economics to make solutions like remote surveillance and deployments possible.

Things Are Looking Up for Your Business at the Drone Zone 360.


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