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Industrial IoT Conference & Certification

The Industrial IoT confernce focused on the vast opportunities in manufacturing and industrial applications. Hear about factory floor automation, fog computing, big data, bimachine learning, artificial intelligence and more. See the Industrial Internet in action at the Test Bed Use Case sessions. All use case sessions show groundbreaking IIoT innovation and applications in action.

Attend all Industrial IoT sessions and receive a Certification of Specialization in Industrial IoT

IoT at the Edge Workshop & Certification

IoT Evolution recognizes this important growth space in the IoT and knows that it has a responsibility to bring together the best possible information on how IoT enterprises can leverage this technology to improve their business through using the intelligence, control and automation, and predictive capabilities of the Edge. The workshop will cover will cover AI, Autonomous Computing, Smart Transportation and several other areas.

Attend all IoT at the Edge Workshop sessions and receive a Certification of Specialization in Edge.

The Smart City Event

The Smart City Event & Certification

Discover the nearly limitless potential of Smart Cities and how connected solutions will drive city wide improvements, better quality of life for residents and business opportunity for enterprises. Attend IoT Evolution's Smart City event and hear how your company can leverage these new capabilities to create new business models and drive revenue.

Attend all Smart City Event sessions and receive a Certification of Specialization in Smart Cities

Case Study Theater

The Case Studies Solutions Theatre will explore how to succeed at IoT, offering insight and experience through case studies that highlight real-world implementations. Hear about IoT and M2M strategies that have proven successful from top companies.


Join us to learn how Telit is working with organizations, large and small, to help them accelerate time to market and ignite profound business transformation centered on IoT solutions. At Telit IoT Innovation you'll connect with thought leaders and problem solvers who can help you translate IoT concepts into reality.

IoT in the Channel

There's no doubt that millions of companies will benefit from IoT but many do not and will not have the capacity or expertise to deploy IoT solutions on their own. This opens up a huge opportunity for the channel community. IoT in the Channel will explore where to start, how to build support and how to overcome obstacles in deploying IoT solutions.

Certification of Specialization in IoT Strategies

From field service to manufacturing, the IoT's impact on companies of all types is astounding. In order to derive the full benefit of the IoT, companies must be positioned to plan, develop and implement solutions. This track will identify and discuss enterprise Strategies and where IoT will have the most impact.

Attend all IoT Strategies sessions and receive a Certification of Specialization in IoT Strategies

LPWAN Expo & Certification

The conference program at LPWAN Expo will take a deep dive into LPWAN technologies as well as narrowband IoT, CAT M1 and cellular. Other topics covered will include Security and application case studies in logistics, smart cities, industrial solutions and more.

Attend all LPWAN Expo sessions and receive a Certification of Specialization in LPWAN

LPWAN Expo & Certification