IoT Enterprise Operations

Hear how the IoT is Changing, Transforming and Growing the Enterprise

The opportunity to leverage the IoT to retool the Enterprise is one of the most exciting opportunities in the market.  IoT solutions will impact logistics, supply chain and manufacturing, while driving new products, services and revenue streams for every Enterprise.

Enterprise IoT Discussions Focus on:

  • Enterprise IoT implementations
    • Retrofitting existing systems, gateways and radio solutions
  • IoT architectures and best practice strategies
    • Impact of Industrial Internet Consortium and Industry 4.0
  • Compliance and regulations – Does this increase the urgency for IoT solutions being developed?
  • IoT in the Enterprise and the opportunities to encourage third party developers to support your IoT implementation with APIs and other dynamic interfaces.
  • Plus, changing job functions, work flows and processes – what does the IoT mean to your job, career and future?

Plus when you register for the SUPERPASS, you gain access to discussions about the new usage based economy, resource management, fleet management, lighting, security and other Enterprise concerns.