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IoT Evolution Expo - January 29 - February 1, 2019

Connected Transportation Solutions at IoT Evolution Expo

IoT Evolution Expo February 7-10
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

IoT Evolution offers attendees three days of conference sessions focused on how the Internet of Things is changing today's transportation model and allowing companies and consumers to save money and time while increasing efficiencies and making lives easier.

Attend IoT Evolution and hear how the IoT is transforming typical transportation related services such as Field Forces, Fleet Management, Insurance, and Supply Chain. Understand how this transformation will create opportunity in your company

  • Get insight into the improvements in today's vehicle and fleet management services
  • Understand the market forces and technical issues of connected transportation services
  • Learn how to identify opportunities to reduce enterprise costs and drive new revenue generating services
  • Improve safety of public and private transportation facilities
  • Explore the near future opportunities of self-driving technology.

Who Should Attend

Anyone looking to understand how to build or utilize smart, safe and connected transportation and drone solutions to improve infrastructure, safety and efficiency of vehicles and transportation services or create a new business opportunity.

  • Enterprise Fleet Executives
  • Supply Chain and Logistics professionals
  • Government, Municipalities, transit authorities and first responders
  • Cargo and Fleet Companies
  • Analysts and Investors
  • GPS and Navigation companies
  • Smart Automobile Industry stakeholders
  • Traffic Modeling Software companies

Companies Participating Include:

  • IBM Watson IoT
  • NFC Forum
  • Sprint
  • LILEE Systems
  • ATEK Access Technologies
  • Field Logix
  • New Boundary Technologies
  • Swiss Re Management (US) Corporation
  • LILEE Systems
  • Octo Telematics North America
  • Verizon
  • Alien Technology
  • Lynxspring