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IIoT Conference

Industrial IoT topics focused on the vast opportunities in manufacturing and industrial applications. Hear about factory floor automation, fog computing, big data, bimachine learning, artificial intelligence and more. See the Industrial Internet in action at the Test Bed Use Case sessions. All use case sessions show groundbreaking IIoT innovation and applications in action.

Industrial IoT Conference
IoT Evolution Health

IoT Evolution Health

IoT Evolution Health is laser focused on showing attendees how IoT technologies, and associated business initiatives, can improve patient outcomes, drive down costs and expand patient's treatment options. This is the leading education and networking forum for Healthcare Enterprises, IoT developers, suppliers, and Health OEMs.

IoT Security 4.0 Conference

Receive 10 PDU Credits & Get IoT Security Certified!
Attend IoT Security 4.0 Conference and learn how to protect assets, actions and information. Hear how the world of cybersecurity is evolving into new paradigms of management and control. The IoT Security 4.0 Conference will give insight into the best solutions to minimize threats and protect IoT devices, sensors, gateways and networks now for companies across industries.

IoT Security 4.0 Conference
The Smart City Event

The Smart City Event

Discover the nearly limitless potential of Smart Cities and how connected solutions will drive city wide improvements, better quality of life for residents and business opportunity for enterprises. Attend IoT Evolution's Smart City event and hear how your company can leverage these new capabilities to create new business models and drive revenue.

Case Study Theater

The Case Studies Solutions Theatre will explore how to succeed at IoT, offering insight and experience through case studies that highlight real-world implementations. Hear about IoT and M2M strategies that have proven successful from top companies.

Business Impact Awards

Business Impact Awards with Real Life

Hear from companies and business leaders who have successfully implemented M2M and the IoT solutions to solve a business issue, launch a new service or create a revenue opportunity. Learn from their achievements.


Join us to learn how Telit is working with organizations, large and small, to help them accelerate time to market and ignite profound business transformation centered on IoT solutions. At Telit IoT Innovation you'll connect with thought leaders and problem solvers who can help you translate IoT concepts into reality.

IoT in the Channel

There's no doubt that millions of companies will benefit from IoT but many do not and will not have the capacity or expertise to deploy IoT solutions on their own. This opens up a huge opportunity for the channel community. IoT in the Channel will explore where to start, how to build support and how to overcome obstacles in deploying IoT solutions.

Blockchain certification

IoT Evolution's Blockchain Certification delves into the new technology that is laying the foundation for the digitization of businesses, humans, our economy and quite possibly our entire lives. As an IoT Evolution attendee, you will get access to this 1/2 day program that delves into both introductory topics as well as how blockchain establishes identity, encryption and security. If you are looking for an understanding of how this technology can impact your particular business - this program is for you.

Blockchain certification