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IoT Certification Series

Get Certified

This one of a kind IoT Certification Series will provide you with a high-level overview of the technologies contending in the IoT+M2M space and how they can be applied to your targeted consumer and business/industrial markets. Get educated on IoT devices and sensors, IoT sensor networks and gateways, and both small and large-scale M2M networking capabilities.

Connected, Smart & Secure

This track combines implementation issues and practical deployment use cases with discussions on security and smart solutions. Hear about LTE for IoT, Low power wide area networks, gateways solutions and building IoT platforms for third party use. Get insight on security solutions including identity management and securing remote systems.

IoT Security
Business Impact Awards

Business Impact Awards with Real Life Implementations

Hear from companies and business leaders who have successfully implemented M2M and the IoT solutions to solve a business issue, launch a new service or create a revenue opportunity. Learn from their achievements.

Industrial IoT Conference

Produced by Industrial Internet Consortium, IoT Evolution and OMG

Industrial IoT topics focused on the vast opportunities in manufacturing and industrial applications. Hear about factory floor automation, fog computing, big data, bimachine learning, artificial intelligence and more. See the Industrial Internet in action at the Test Bed Use Case sessions. All use case sessions show groundbreaking IIoT innovation and applications in action.

Industrial IoT Conference

IoT Enterprise Operations

From insurance companies to manufacturing, the IoT's impact on companies of all types is astounding. In order to derive the full benefit of the IoT, companies must be positioned to plan, develop and implement solutions. This track will identify and discuss the enterprise opportunity and where IoT will have the most impact. There will also be significant discussion on how to ensure efficient execution of IoT implementations. Hear about storage, bandwidth and infrastructure requirements, IoT pricing models and standards. Dive into topics that highlight how the IoT will impact key enterprise functions including operations, field services, factory floor, fleet and more. If you are looking to implement solutions or you are a provider of IoT solutions, you must attend these track sessions.

Case Study Theater

The Case Studies Solutions Theatre will explore how to succeed at IoT, offering insight and experience through case studies that highlight real-world implementations. Hear about IoT and M2M strategies that have proven successful from top companies.

Experience over 100 Sessions Dedicated to Leading Vertical Market Applications

Recognized as one of the most relevant IoT and M2M conferences in the space, IoT Evolution Expo combines the power of six collocated conferences with a robust expo floor and strong ecosystem representation to educate, inform and connect thousands of attendees from around the globe. The conference program covers IoT Enterprise Operations, Connected Life & Work Sessions, Business Intelligence & Machine Learning and Connected, Smart & Secure.

IoT Developers

Get technical, hands-on IoT training and development insight from concept to implementation. Learn how to Design and Develop systems that monitor and manage the burgeoning IoT connected device market. Understand how to monetize your applications by managing scale. Business, consumer and industrial IoT applications are covered as well as augmented and virtual reality applications.


Business Intelligence & Machine Learning

Understand how to unlock the value of the massive amount of data driven by the IoT. Hear how machine learning and the manipulation of massive amounts of data are being used to gain insights previously out of reach. Explore predictive analytics, process driven decision making, distribute networks and more.

Connected Life & Work

As the millennial's connected life styles are being applied to work, we look at connected living solutions to guide us in adopting a connected business lifestyle. This track explores the efficiencies, new business models and revenue opportunities afforded to us through smart devices and the Internet of Things. Topics include smart home and building apps, facilities management, smart city solutions, autonomous autos and new transportation models.


Join us to learn how Telit is working with organizations, large and small, to help them accelerate time to market and ignite profound business transformation centered on IoT solutions. At Telit IoT Innovation you'll connect with thought leaders and problem solvers who can help you translate IoT concepts into reality.

IoT in the Channel

There's no doubt that millions of companies will benefit from IoT but many do not and will not have the capacity or expertise to deploy IoT solutions on their own. This opens up a huge opportunity for the channel community. IoT in the Channel will explore where to start, how to build support and how to overcome obstacles in deploying IoT solutions.

Telit Best Practices Showcase

The Best Practices Showcase will highlight and define the various stages of IoT development and the best practices required in order delivering a successful IoT solution that offers value, operational efficiencies and profitability.