Keynote Speakers


SpireonMarc Brungger
Chief Executive Officer

Special Presentation by Spireon
10:45am Tuesday - 08/18/15

Marc Brungger is Spireon's Chief Executive Officer. He joined Spireon June 10th, 2013 and is based at Spireon's Technology Center in Irvine, California. Prior to Spireon, Brungger served as Vice President of Finance for Mitchell International followed by an appointment to Executive Vice President, APD, where he oversaw the Mitchell auto physical damage division managing Sales, Product Management, Technology Delivery, Client Services, Customer Service, and Content Departments. During his tenure, Brungger was instrumental in transforming APD's product offering over a 3-year period. In the process he consolidated over 40 individual products into a single technology platform with two major customer-facing environments WorkCenter and RepairCenter. Throughout his 20 + year career at Mitchell, Brungger contributed to the company's success serving in various key executive capacities including Vice President and General Manager of Mitchell Publications, General Manager of Global Operations and then, assuming command of the Collision Repair Solutions division. In this position, Brungger delivered advanced information, estimating, workflow, and business management solutions to Mitchells valued body shop clients. In early 2006, Marc was promoted to Senior Vice President Client Services, which included Small Business Sales and Mitchells Service Organization, with well over 200 dedicated service employees. Before joining Mitchell, Brungger honed his management and finance skills in the banking industry and his insight into technology markets working for HP Computer (then known as Digital). Brungger is a native of Switzerland who earned his BA from the Alpine College of Davos, Switzerland.

Coach Joe Gibbs

HPCoach Joe Gibbs

Keynote Presentation by Joe Gibbs: A Winning Mindset
11:15am Tuesday - 08/18/15

A successful organization starts with its people. This has long been the philosophy of Joe Gibbs. It helped carry him to three Super Bowl championships as the Pro Football Hall of Fame as head coach of the NFL's Washington Redskins and has been a defining principle behind building Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) into one of NASCAR's most successful multi-team racing organizations. It also guides Gibbs' latest project: “Game Plan For Life”, which is the title of his New York Times Best Selling book and corresponding ministry ( JGR has experienced amazing success and growth since Gibbs founded the operation in 1991. Read More


HPMike Troiano
Vice President of Industrial IoT Solutions

Keynote Presentation by AT&T
4:15pm Tuesday - 08/18/15