IOT Evolution Developers Conference

The IoT Evolution Developers Conference will be held January 27th - 30th in Miami Beach, Florida.

While Marc Andreeson has told us all that it's all going to be software, the reality is that software is residing on hardware that continues to evolve and gotten more specific. So a delicate balance exists between the production of hardware and the development of software.

The IOT Developers Conference uniquely delivers a mix of experiences aimed at expanding the range of the developer to support more sensors, solutions and services. 

The IOT Developers Conference starts at the edge of hardware and sensors, migrates to the software used to gather the information and finally to the applications and systems designed to process and produce the business intelligence.

Will IOT Development ever be universal?  The answer is a definite sort of.  Embedded systems will sometimes be optimized.  Platforms will continue to strive for ubiquity, and apps will continue to be designed to reach as many devices as possible, probably through the Web.

Conference Topics Include:

  • Rapid Prototyping with Open Devices
  • Using Open Source for IOT
  • Java Embedded
  • MQTT: Scaling for Success
  • Gaining Insight with RESTful Interfaces
  • Moving Parts: APIs for Drones
  • Auto Apps: Opportunities Beyond Distraction
  • Is the Web the Universal IOT PLATFORM?
  • Getting IoT Data to Smart Phones and Tablets
  • Mobile Devices: Transmitting with and without Interruption
  • NOSQL: Knowing the Distributed Database
  • Open Hardware: Gigabones, Raspberry Pi

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