Battle Royale

Watch and Learn How to Utilize Network Platforms to Implement IoT Solutions


The Battle Royale is the successor to the well-established IoT Evolution Battle of the Platforms, which sought to identify the best-in-class platforms to manage IoT executions all over the globe. But the IoT has Evolved, and so has the Battle.

Now, the all-new Battle Royale will showcase the breadth and scope of the Enterprise-level Internet of Things by challenging all comers to join us at Caesar's Palace, the home of epic battles since the rise of the Roman Empire, and, in Las Vegas, for decades. Each entrant is challenged to show real proof that their product, solution or execution is truly the best in the world.

If you think you bring the real thunder to the IoT, this is where you put your money where your mouth is in front of competitors, colleagues and, most important, potential customers.

Does your company have what it takes to be the one holding the belt at the end?

Then show us.

Who Should Attend Battle of the Platforms?

  • Independent IoT Application Developers
  • Service Providers looking to support wholesale services
  • Enterprise managers looking to understand what solutions to deploy internally
  • Anyone that is interested in finding out what the IoT Network Platform market has to offer

Whether you are looking to find the right IoT platform solution for your project, or are merely interested in understanding what the market has to offer - Battle Royal will give you access to an excellent cross section of solutions, in a short amount of time and all in one location.